Sorting for new season

The ground is still frozen although some days the sun gets through and makes it possible to dig.  It also starts the weeds in producing.  Tis the time to order new nets, and fertilizer and to get stuck into those pesky weeds.  Blood fish and bone arrived from Elixir Garden supplies in Morecambe, I will put a link on the right for them.  My dietitian has said that cabbage is now OK for my diet so will be planting winter cabbages for the season.  Garlic still coming on and the shed needs a little TLC.  Some of the beds need a little attention as the scaffolding boards are beginning to rot.  Paid for my lottie for another year, £ 25 for 5 rods.  It would be good to let me know how much you pay to compare it with different parts of the country.

Chuffin Freezing

Had a check up the lottie today, absolutely Freezing.  The lottie was blanketed in a sheet of white frost that looked cool but fingers where freezing so didn’t  stay for long.  The intention was to put some more volcanic rock dust down, but the ground was like iron.  Garlic coming on as are the sprouting broccoli.  Lets hope Feb isn’t as frosty.








New Season

I have not posted on here since September, probably down to work commitments and down right laziness.  Although I have veg still in the ground, it is time to put a review of what my veg produced over the year.  They are some veg that I will be trying again as you will see on the left.  The beds have a few veg growing, but most are covered with old carpets.   Slugs have been rare, that’s down to using Nemaslug, it does work.  Volcanic Rock dust has been applied so remains to see how my crops turn out for the 2017/18 season.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.  And good digging!


just ordered my seeds for next year.  French beans, Delinel. Beetroot,  Alto. Butternut Squash, Harrier. Parsnip, white gem. Carrot, Autumn King 2. Have got seeds left over for other veg. Just to get seed potatoes from East Anglia potato day in February. 


Rest before Autumn

Off on a two-week hols to Cyprus.  On my return there will be lots of work weeding, and preparing beds for Autumn/Winter.  I will be posting results on how the harvest has gone over the months.  Also Autumn is the time to put down Seer volcanic rock dust in the beds and to make reports on it.  Veg ordering will be in earnest.  Already ordered my garlic for Sept/Oct planting.  Trying hardneck variety this year.  Yasuo

Warmer weather

Been to check the lottie,  I’ve raked in some Alpaca poo and volcanic rock dust, which I am trialing this year.  I think its called re-mineralizing the soil.  will let you know how things are going over the next eighteen months.


Seer volcanic rock dust


The garlic are coming on and thanks to it warming up the parsnips have made an appearance.  At home, calabrese  and sprouting broccoli coming on and just planted in pots, 45 Delinel French beans.


Solent Wight garlic



Greek and Provence garlic




Parsnips just poking through.


Its now near the end of April and I am still using my Solent Wight garlic from last years harvest.  This is the one to go for, all you garlic growers.

Garlic Solent Wight