Although I have already dug manure into some of my beds, I still have around 30 bags of pure manure to dig in.  At least 16 of these will be used for my spuds along with two bails of straw.  the others will be divided among my Beans, Leeks and SwedesThe weather is still a bit damp for me to go on the lottie, but it does give me a bit of breathing space to tidy the other beds up.  Only the Kale bed to do with just seven plants left to pull once I’ve harvested the remainder of leaves.  Next on the list is liming and chitting of spuds.

Spring clean

As the weather has been barmy, this is the best time to get onto the lottie and sort out all those old bits of rubbish that you didn’t get round to before Crimbo.  Knowing my luck I’ll have all the good intentions, then we will have about 2ft of snow for the next month.  Waiting for my spuds to arrive from Alan Romans in Scotland.  Must also checkout the shed from those winds.