To sow, or not to sow, that is the question!

I’ve have started to sow in earnest because of the weather.  I think if it had been cooler I might have held off a bit, but it’s nice to see my seed trays on the patio, waiting for the first sign of green shoots emerging from the soil.  This is all part of the excitement of growing.  Must get some photo’s of the lottie before it gets covered with greens of the veg.  I am going to hold off on planting my beans yet, experience has taught me that frosts can still be around in May.  For the other veg, if frosts strike now, I still have time to sow again.  I don’t have room for a greenhouse, but I do for a cold frame, which I should invest in.

Fantastic March

What a fantastic March we’ve been having here.  I’ve been able to sow some leeks and put my spuds in, but I’ve buggered my shoulder in again, an accident caused at my work, has me restricted to heavy stuff and I am unable to drive at all, so my good wife, Clare, is chauffeuring me around everywhere.  I’ve worked some compost and soil together in readiness for sowing my French bean seeds and sown some Calabrese seed.  Weather forecast for the weekend says its turning cooler.  Who would have thought that it would reach 24 deg in Scotland at this time of the year.  I just hope that April is just as warm.

Weather warming

1st of March and the weather is starting to warm up.  Soon it will be all hands on deck to get the seeds sown and potato’s on the ground.  Still very early to start the beans off indoors, will leave that until the middle of next month.  Ordering the straw soon for the spuds.  Weather forecast says that we could be in for a bit of a drought and a hose pipe ban.  Better get my water buts full for the season, although I don’t think it will be enough.  The radio is saying that theft on Allotments is getting worse and it’s not just tools that is being targeted, its the crops.  March seems like a challenging month.