Great Weather

Summer has arrived on my allotment at last.  I am sure there is also relief over the whole country.  Temperatures of 28 plus will be recorded over the next week.  This will also help our lovely weeds to grow.  Its nice to have the back door opened all day and the greenhouse having an airing.  Hello sunshine.


I was looking at Dans Allotment, (link on right).  He grows his spuds in containers, with great results.  Plants a couple of spuds in each 30 ltr tub and can harvest about 100lb of spuds in a five by five foot square.  So I might give it a go for 2013.  This gives me the chance to grow three types of first early spuds and three types of second early spuds in one bed, with two types of main crop in the other bed.  You will have to check out my spud page for varieties and results.


I managed to plant for different types of Swede, Magres, Twede, Invitation and Gowrie.  I started them off in modules and then planted them on.  The books tell you to sow them in-situ, but many a person have grown them with success from sowing them in modules first.  My Sister Louise, who lives tupnorth, has done this so I will see how hers get on.  I’ve grown this many to get an idea of the best ones to grow in the future for taste and ease of growing and storing.  They were put in slightly late due to the shit weather that the country has been experiencing.  Will post some photo’s later.

Shit weather

Its been really bad weather over the last three months.  Plants that need to flower have suffered the most.  My second early spuds, Kestrel, had to be lifted early because of the blight.  No luck with the French beans and Calabrese.  The leeks are in and waiting to plant my Kale and late Calabrese.  All my garlic that I planted, every on came up well.  Will be trying my spuds in containers nest year.  I watched a video on this in Dan’s Allotment Diary (See Links),  so it looks like the way from now on.  Rumour has it that the weather is changing for the better for the Olympics and beyond.  Keeping my fingers crossed.