Better weather

At long last, it seems that we could have had the last of the bad weather as far as the gardener is concerned .  A few light frosts in the morning and showers here and there.  At least I’ve managed to get my spuds in and put my French bean poles up.  Lets hope that we’ve seen the last of the frosts by May, then I think we’ll have a good harvest for this year.


French bean polesSpuds in bags


Due to me having a gammy leg, well, tendonitis of the knee, I thought it best to lay off planting my spuds until later in the week.  There has also been reports of ground frost over the weekend and nobody likes getting into a cold bed, even spuds.

At last!

At last the weather has broken.  Lots of lovely sunshine 18 deg c.  Managed to sow my carrots and parsnips and prepare the rest of the beds for the season.

I would have thought that the lottie would have been covered in weeds since I last went on in March but just a few tweaks here and there and things were fine.

It looks like tomorrow is the day that my spuds go in.  I wonder how log this will last.

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