Weeding done

Went up the lottie today.  Lots of weeding, strimming and cutting.  Due to the rain lots of weeds growing everywhere.  The spuds, carrots, parsnips and kale seem to be doing well as the garlic and tonnes of rhubarb.


garlic spuds

Back to norm then!

Had two weeks in Kos with temperatures in the high twenties for two weeks then back to norm lots of cooler weather and rain.  I thought I had seen the last of the cooler stuff, but in a way, I was glad I didn’t put my tender stuff in as we had one hell of a chuffin hail storm on Thursday.  Still I managed to check the lottie, full of weeds and the paths need to be strimmed with my trusty battery operated strimmer. 

My fellow allotmenteer, Ray, from Southend who I met in Kos is sure to be having the same probs.  “What problems did you have Ray, on your lottie.  Let me know old buddy.

Was going to strim today, but it’s hossin it down.