More tidying

Off up to the lottie this morning to do a bit of tidying up before I return to work at the weekend.  Should be thinking  about transplanting the leeks as long as they are a good size.  The Kale is coming along great and should have a good crop.  The beans seem to be struggling but the rhubarb is great.

From Fifty Sheds of Grey:  I stared down at her, my hands on my hips.  She’d been on her hands and knees for well over an hour.  Finally I spoke… “Are you sure you lost your contact lens in here?”

Tidying up.

Went up the lottie today to do some tidying up before I go back onto my shifts.  Things seem to be getting in order now.  Took collection of my Alpaca poo from the farm near to me.  The guy also told me of the brickets I can make for the log burning stove we are having put in, from the Alpaca poo.  That’s a fair few brick I can make from one bag just costing £1.  Had to give my Kale and Garlic a good watering, beans are just showing and the Calabrese is coming on.