Cearing after harvest!l

August and September have now been busy with collecting the last of the beans and spuds for the store.  The spuds turned out great in the bags and the three that I will be growing for next year are:  Morfona, I got at least 10lb from each bag, big roasting potatoes.  Wilja, around 5lb from each bag and tasted great and Nicola, tasted great chipped, boiled, mashed and baked a good all-rounder.


I must have picked at least 100Lb of French beans.  Cobra as usual taste great with a long cropping period,  but next year will try and pick them when they are smaller and more tender.  They will still give a huge crop and less will go to waste.


The carrots have been great so may grow a full bed next year.  The parsnips are still growing strong and may be joined by beetroot next season.  The leeks are OK, surrounded by the ever growing weeds.  Soon time to cover them to extend the blanched area and the Kale is as always a trusty winter crop enough to keep me going well into March