Spuds and nets

Managed to erect my nets for my Calabrese and put my second early spuds (Wilja) in.  Growth is coming on as you can notice the weed seeds shooting through.  Have planted a few elephant garlic as my neighbouring fellow allotment friend had a few to give away.  These go great in stews and stir fry’s.

Nets for Calabrese Wilja spuds

Checking on the manure

Went down to visit the Alpaca’s at Hilly Ridge.  These little beauties will deliver me with nutrient rich Alpaca Gold (POO).  Having digesting their food a number of times, the Alpaca Gold has no weed seed in it, unlike horse manure and can be put onto the beds straight away.

 Little beauties                           

French Beans

French Beans, Safari, now in.  Will keep in Poly greenhouse until mid May.

French bean Safari