Weeds weeds everywhere, but not a crop to eat!

That drop of rain we have just had, has brought on the weeds in the beds.  My parsnip and carrot seedlings are covered as is the full bed where the French beans are going.  Lots of weeding this weekend and panting of the Calabrese broccoli.  At least the compost bins are being fed!

It’s hossin it down

Getting all the April showers now in May.  This will be great as my Calabrese and French beans are soon to go in.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the middle of May, frosts will have gone.  The rain will help the spuds and garlic.  Kale and  Courgettes coming on, on the window sill.  May is a busy time and not forgetting the weeds.  Have hade many Rhubarb crumbles.