Popeye, the little rascal


We got Popeye along with his brother when they were kittens and called them both Popeye. One is fully black, the other black and white.

We lost the fully black Popeye to Feline Leukemia down to our ignorance thinking that he would’nt get it but we were wrong. So all you cat owners out there, don’t make the same mistake that we made and get your cats vaccinated as it is not a pretty site to see your cat in. So from now on, there is just Popeye.

wheres the fruit gone

wheres the fruit gone

Here are the Ginger Minge’s from next door,owned by our neighbors, Peter and Dianne.

They are always very mischievous, as kittens are. Popeye being a very strong Tom will not get on with other cats and is very territorial. He tolerates the Minge’s because he has known them since they were kittens.

Its fun up here Little Ginge catch me if ya can

Popeye decides to hide in funny places all the time and jumps out on you, mostly Clare, when your not expecting it. He makes up for it by bring Clare lot of presents. These first started off with twigs and worms and worked their way up the exotic scale to include birds, mice and frogs, all alive.

Ah thats better

There has been many a time when Clare has let out one almighty scream from the garden. I, running to her aid like a bat out of hell, nearly rupturing myself in the process, confronting the intruder, (Popeye), with a bulging mouth and two frogs legs protruding from him still kicking.

peekaboo Chuffin cats

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