Stinkies is my word to describe insects and animals that i have took photos of. Anything that moves with life and is not human, should be here.

This little stinkie decided to journey on my hand whilst having a cup tea. It was me having the tea i might add and not the stinkie.

55a11 3d76


And look what the cat brought home.

Does anyone remember Quatermas and the pit.

grasshopper I have always loved these animals, right from being a child so i must say that giraffes are my favorite animal.

giraffe Giraffe hellooooooo giraffe with calf

I thought I would update my stinkies page with some new additions and comments.

quack quack My friend ginger minge from next door Hawk moth Mr blackbird tit pyed wagtail chick half drowned. But after a quick warm up in my tug, it flew off happier talk about nicking ya seat Gobble, Bronze Turkey's little chit chat

DSC_0013 DSC_0014

DSC_0015 DSC_0012


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