French Beans 2015

This year I will be growing Dwarf French Bean, Safari which is very vigorous with heavy crops. The past years growing climbing beans, (Cobra) has given me good crops, but the work in between can sometimes be laborious, winds have rocked the framework and to be honest, I’ve been lazy at dismantling the frames, leaving them up all winter giving me further work at the beginning of the season, when I could be concentrating on more things.

So Dwarf beans it is. One advantage of growing Dwarf beans against climbing ones, is that the amount that I can grow on my raised bed. With climbers, I used to grown around 26 plants, growing Dwarf varieties I can double the amount in the same area and it will be easier cropping them.

I will start sowing the beans in pots, from the beginning of April, targeting the middle of May for planting out, as long as no frosts are predicted.

120415  The French beans have now been sown and put into the poly greenhouse until mid May.  36 in total,

French bean Safari

15. 08. 15. Ive had great crops of French beans.  Although you have to bend a little, the beans have not been rocked by winds, but would have been if growing climbing beans.  Picked around 50lb of beans so far and still more to come.  Will be growing these next year although a different type.

French Beansbeans


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