Calabrese 2015

I can’t get enough of this tasty, health beneficial  veg.  I will be growing Fiesta, about 20 plants that will give me twenty heads and then shoots upon shoots weeks after the main head is cut.  Every lottie and garden should grow this veg as it is so easy to grow once planted and protected from birds.

060515.  I bought a couple of trays of Calabrese from the Sudbury Garden Centre.  They are called Green Calabrese, no special name, when they were about 2″ high.  I sowed my fiesta seeds a week after buying them and they have caught up and both stand about 5″ high.  I hope to plant them out this weekend.  I am growing two types to see which one produces the best all round bounty.

190715  The Calabrese is coming on well and have started to cut a few heads eight in total.  I don’t want to waste any so freezing is the order of the day.  I wont need to buy Calabrese for another eight months the way things are going.  I would recommend to any lottie holder to grow this veg as it is easy and produces a fantastic crop.


15.08.15.  Have had some lovely veg.  The fiesta has performed well but about the same as the bought ones.  These will be definitely on next years shopping list.

calabrese broccoli

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