Carrots are one of those veg that one year I grow, the next I don’t.  I think that prices have gone up so much in the shops and also because there is no taste to shop bought ones,  tis the time to start growing them again. 

I will be growing Fly Away and Autumn King 2 on the lottie and Early Nantes in pots in the garden at my house.  They all contain antioxidant beta carotene which converts to vitamin A in the body.

Seeds  need only be sown 1/2″ deep in rows 12″ apart.  Thin the seedlings in the evening to mask the smell of the foliage from the carrot root fly and take the thinnings well away from the site as the root fly can smell these from miles away.  A border of about 18″ can also be erected around the carrot bed to deter the carrot fly as they fly close to the ground.

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