Garlic 2011/2012

I planted my garlic a little later last year, around Oct/Nov.  I normally plant around the end of September, but due to work commitments delayed it.

The Provence came up as normal, but the Solent Wight didn’t show until the New Year.  They were both planted at the same time, depth and growing conditions.  I did manure this year as previous years I don’t bother and let them fight for the goodness.  I have now read that you should not add fresh manure as this can effect their growth.  The leaves on the plants look healthy, I just hope that the bulbs produce nice plump ones.


By the end of June, rust had attacked my garlic and the last thing that I wanted was to loose the crop.  Weather was also a big factor as there was so much rain and although I have good drainage on my raised bed’s, I didn’t want to chance anything and decided to lift the entire crop.

I am so glad that I did.  Not only were the garlic ready, but rot was starting to get into the stems and move towards the bulbs.  I had recently bought one of those throw up mini green house made of green plastic, which had five tiers to lay the garlic to dry out.  This did the trick and all of the garlic is steadily drying.  Every one of the garlic cloves that I planted came good.  There is an addition for next season which I will talk about then.


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