Garlic 2012/2013

I will be growing an addition to my Solent Wight and Provence this season.  It is claimed to be the largest true garlic that can be grown.  Avignon Wight is supposed to be a very vigorous and the highest yielding garlic there is.  It

will store until Feb so has higher storage potential than Provence.  Provence has a lovely flavour, especially when still wet, so will take some beating.

I have just edited this page today.  Due to a crop failure, ( so the seed merchant tells me)  Avignon Wight will have to wait until 2013/2014 season.

The garlic for this season has now come through and same as last year,  Provence Wight is well ahead of Solent Wight.

Garlic Solent Wight

Garlic Provence

It’s been since March that I had been on the lottie due to the bad weather and hope that spring has finally sprung.  The garlic looks in good health, although suffering from some wind burn on the tips which I think won’t bother them.  Both the Provence and Solent Wight are coming on well.  I applied another dose of sulphate of potash to the Provence only, to gage how it will affect the final taste and smell of the garlic. 

Provence Garlic Solent Wight Garlic

Been away for two weeks came back to lots of weeds but the garlic bed seems ok.  They are both coming on well now and should be given lots of water over the next six weeks.


I lifted my garlic on the 10th of July.  Only a few came to nothing.  Once lifted, they dried in the sun for a while.  I took them back home and let them dry more before cutting the stems down and threading them on to wire to air in the garage.  I have just ordered Avignon Wight so they will also be planted in the Autumn.

Provence Wight ready for lifting  Soleny Wight Drying







Provence Wight, wired  nice Provence Wight











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