Spuds for 2012

I have now planted two types of Spuds.  My trusty Kestrel (second early) and for the first time, blight resistant Sarpo Axona (maincrop).

They have been planted straight onto manure, with 4″ of straw put on the top, with another 4″ of manure, then a final covering of 4″ of straw then watered in.


After looking at Dan’s Allotment (link on right), I will try and grow spuds in 30 ltr containers for 2013.  Because blight hit my second early spuds, I only got a small number of spuds from a 4ft by 10 ft bed.  Dan’s claims that he can harvest about 100 lb of spuds from a 5 ft x 5 ft bed, growing them in pots.  I was impressed with his video on them so will try the following spuds for next year.

First Earlies:  Three tubs each of Accent, Carlingford and  Vales Emerald

2nd Ealies:  Three tubs each of Kestrel, Osprey and Marfona or Nicola

Main Crop:  Nine tubs each of Sarpo Mira and Sarpo Axona.

Two seed potato’s are planted into each tub and the compost added as the spuds grow.


The dreaded blight struck my second earlies, but the Sarpo Axona havn’t  been touched.  They are in full flower and stand about 4ft high.



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