Spuds for 2015

I’m giving main crop spuds a miss this season. Instead I’ll be growing first earlies: Winston, Accent and an old favourite, Foremost. My second early will be Wilja.  I will be growing them in bags again as I had great success over the last couple of years doing this.  It also reduced, by 90%, the unwanted potato shoot on other crops.

06 03 15.  Just planted my first earlies.  I planted them in 30 ltr poly pots with holes in the bottom, so roots can grown into the ground for water and nutrients.  4″ of compost was put in the bottom of the poly pots.  A small measure of  fertilizer sprinkled on the compost and two seed potato’s placed on top.  It is then covered with a further 4″ of compost and soil raked around the bottom of the pots to cover up the holes in the pots.


DSC_0040 DSC_0039

21 04 15.  My second early spuds are now in.  This year it seemed that it was very slow for the seed potatoes to produce shoots.  Even these second earlies being chitted the longest still did not produce the 2″ shoot that I normally get.  Well, they are now planted in their bags and all that remains is to cover the shoots as they grow.

Wilja spuds

190715  The Accent were tastie but the Foremost have done really well.  Their taste is old fashioned if you know what I mean, like what new spuds should taste like and have given us a great crop.  These will defo be on the list for next year.  Just Winston to go now, but I think that Foremost will be hard to beat.

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